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One to Watch – Osman Yousefzada



{mosimage}Entitled Imperial – Osman’s latest Autumn/Winter 05-06 range combines wools, jerseys and chiffons to form a luxurious, sculpted and contemporary collection. Osman’s inspirations incorporate politics, glamour, costume and ethnicity – overall the mood is strong, optimistic, luxurious and sleek. Pieces include structured skirts, tailored jackets, wrap-over necklines and elegant dresses. The colour palette, meanwhile, ranges from pure white to warm yellow, Afghani blue, royal blue, grey and black.



Q When did you officially begin your label?


Osman: My first official collection was in launched this year – Feb 2005 – however I had already done a capsule collection out of season the year before, which was really a run up to my static and film installation during the last Fashion Week. The collection is called: IMPERIAL.



Q What enticed you into Fashion?{mosimage}


Osman: I always wanted to do something creative, I remember a school report from my infant school… which my father was rather bemused about, it gave me a B in all other subjects, and in Art I got an A. I continued to take a traditional academic route; graduated from Cambridge Uni to then become a banker in the city. However, I never lost wanting to indulge in my creative side. I always knew there was something there… and if I did not use it, I would have just become rather bitter and twisted, so there was only one way to go…do or let it die.



Q Your pieces have a simple refined quality is this a continuous aesthetic for your label?


Osman: My clothes are quite deceiving they look quite effortless, however the cut is quite complicated in some of them, especially some of the wrap pieces, which can be worn in several different ways. I like to focus on design and less on craft, which will be a continuous theme in my forthcoming collections.



{mosimage}Q What inspires your designs?


Osman: I see inspiration in most things walking around, seeing other cultures adapt to western dress forms. I try to modify the traditional wrap of loose fabric garment into couture like garments, and thus create new shapes. I am interested in all cultures and how dress is used symbolically for different events in a person’s life journey.



Q Do you have a particular woman in mind when you put together a collection?


Osman: Most of women that I would like to dress tend to be defiant, strong and know what they want, but no particular women in mind when I design.



Q Are there certain fabrics you prefer to work with?{mosimage}


Osman: I like to work with some of the higher-end fabrics, especially looking at the handle of a fabric, which makes it easier to translate my vision. I like to work in jersey and chiffon, and particularly woven fabric which bring out the sculptural qualities of my work.



Q You presented your A/W 05/06 collection with a static show at On|Off last February what are your plans for next season?


Osman: I am definitely going to show next season and am currently working towards a catwalk show.



Q Would you ever consider developing a range for another market sector, say menswear for example?


Osman: Eventually I will look to add menswear.



{mosimage}Q Have the press been good to you since your initial launch into the fashion world?


Osman: The whole response from buyers to press has been overwhelming. From Vogue saying that my work is “directional but timeless”, the Observer called me the “King of Drape, and compared me to Givenchy”, and Flux said that I will “cause devastation to the Fashion scene” obviously in a good way ;-))



Q What are the best aspects of working in fashion so far?


Osman: I get to do what I want, however it’s awful from a financial aspect. Unfortunately, I didn’t leave the City a rich ex – banker!



Q And your future plans for the label?


Osman: Bigger and Better….I am still developing, and you have not seen anything yet!



Current Stockists:  {mosimage}


Ashley’s Boutique – Conduit St, W1 – sitting alongside, Sophia Kokosalaki, Hussein Chalayan, Lanvin and Ashley Isham


Also AquaintMonmouth St in Covent Garden



Contact details:






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