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Style and Splendour – Adrienne Bush



Style and Splendour


The Victoria and Albert Museum is home to a spectacular fashion archive collection which will feature the Queen Maud collection until 8 January 2006. The exhibit is in honor of the centennial anniversary of Norway’s emergence as an independent nation and contains clothing items worn by the queen from 1896 to 1938. The collection includes items from Queen Maud’s evening dresses, royal robes, daywear, sportswear, and accessories.






When you first enter the Dress Gallery you are facing a mannequin wearing Queen Maud’s royal gold gown and crown. The elaborate details of the gown and jewelry are just a taste of what the rest of the exhibit contains. The British princess became Queen of Norway in 1905 and the assortment of clothing includes items from before and after her coronation. Her clothes document changes in fashion from the Victorian period to the stylish look of the 1930s.



The exhibit contains over 50 outfits including a wedding trousseau, coronation robe, evening gowns, and couture dresses. Glass cases contain accessories such as shoes, hats, and even a pair of old roller-skates in the sportswear case. Each gown was given careful consideration and planning when it was created. The details in the dresses are reflective of the couture designers and their knowledge of tailoring. Bows, sequins, beads, and fur add interest to the formal wear while enhancing the slim silhouettes.




To view the fashions of Queen Maud proceed to the Dress Gallery in the Victoria and Albert Museum. Entrance to the museum and the exhibit are both free. For more information on the Queen Maud exhibit or the V&A contact 020 7942 2000 or visit www.vam.ac.uk for further details.   



By Adrienne Bush

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