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Emure Womenswear – diary



Emure Womenswear by Munib Ur-Rehman.


Diary – Chapter 4.



Well hello again all you creative sexy fashion people of the world. It has been yet another week full of highs and lows thrown in with an extra bit of drama too!!


As you may all know all the main fashion weeks for S/S 2006 have come to an end. Everywhere was white, white, and more white!!! And then of course minimalism. We saw a glimmer of hope of raw creativity in the form of Basso & Brooke, Comme De Garcons, Robert Carey Williams and Vivienne Westwood. But the silhouette seems to be headed towards clean, wispy, and sharp technical tailoring. So the likes of Stella McCartney, Versace, Chanel, Matthew Williamson, and Alexander Mcqueen all benefited extremely well from this new look.


I don’t know how to take in the forthcoming silhouette as my ‘Emure’ label strives on flamboyancy, movement and sex appeal. But Im gonna stick to my guns as that is my signature statement. But you never know as I may change to fit in with what’s hot!!


That’s the thing about adapting and evolving as a designer. You have to be confident with your company image and take your collections forward to the new season with an air of optimism and belief. If you don’t believe in your garments then you know the consumer will not be keen too. So stay true to your design statement and explore and improve that. If you need to change the style then do make sure you spend quality time in that process before launching your line.


I’ve had four collections out now. And truthfully only two out of the four have been outright successful. I’m praying that my latest being the fourth kicks some butt in the sales stake this season. But this is the fickle world of the retail industry. I’m fed up with hearing how the high street is in decline, you know what who really cares. Its media speculation and the government to blame for that. We’re being frightened to spend our money, but I’m pretty sure no top fashionista will be wearing the same dress or coat this season from last or even two seasons ago!! You can still be on trend no matter what your budget!!


These days we have vintage shops galore, online havens such as EBay, and of course charity shops too. So you will be alright if you shop thoughtfully. Just spend wisely but do treat yourself too. Money comes and goes and so do governments,lol!! So what are you sitting around for, get your behind out there and buy the latest pieces to look damn right fabulous!!


That’s enough of the military talk. Back to what this diary is for!!


                                               Its all about ‘Emure’.



Currently I am working on my new collections and ordering fabric for sampling which so far is running smoothly. This week I have again been concentrating on my current AW 2005/06 collection and altering and making any last minute adjustments. The collection will be available in full at the LFF Boutique in Bluewater in two weeks time. So look out for it. I spent most of the week on this production and delivered some of it to the boutique. I was very impressed with my visit to the LFF boutique. I’ve worked in retail so I always know what to look out for in shop environment and my expectations from my stockist..


LFF Boutique’s manageress Nalini is a gem. Always in the know about fashion trends, and very supportive and full of advice too. It’s important to have a good relationship with your stockists as they are your voice to the public. And with Clare in support and with the likes of Ruth and Melvyn on hand to supply valuable advice the dynamics of this boutique are very strong. I’ve worked with many retail teams in the past and this one ranks alongside the best of them. I see them as friends too. Ok take out the tissues, lol!!


Whilst having a good rummage round the boutique I would like to mention the following labels I particularly liked;


1)   ICY – great bags in metallic and animal print.  

2)    Natasia – safari messenger bags, and the new vintage beaded bags. Very sexy.

3)  Hunki Dori – sparkly jean gems with a ‘wow’ factor. 

4)  Julia Van Causel – wearable tailored garments with an elegant twist.

5)  Michael Azu – innovative, nicely cut, and bespoke.

      6)  Daniela Benson – cute, quirky and delicious.

7)  Mami – sexy, eye catching and cross range appeal.

8)  Romeo Pires – colourful, wearable, and cutting edge.

9)  Trend Station –  bright, bold, and sassy.

10) Emure  creative, vibrant, and beautifully cut.



So keep up the good work guys. A great way to sell your collections and one that works effectively.


A new label which has been gaining media and industry exposure is ‘Max Impact’ which is run by Ian and Michelle. Having had a successful stint at this year’s Pure event the industry was calling for more from this new dynamic label. Set in the capital ‘Max Impact’ took part in this years Profile 6, and were disappointed in not getting on the catwalk even others wondered why too! But this pushed the label to continue in their quest to be the next best thing out of London. With the up and coming Gay Modern Lifestyle Event in London and media coverage in Closer, More, News of the World magazine and Drapers Record, it looks like the next season will be very busy indeed. I rarely give out good reviews of fellow labels, but this label is hot, hot, hot!!




Max Impact


They currently sell their latest collection at Kaiz Boutique in Covent Garden, London. So head on down and enjoy! See www.maximpactstyles.co.uk for further info and to place any orders.


                                           Leave Kate Alone?




As human beings we all experience life in our own unique ways, and yes we all make mistakes. Kate Moss in my opinion has been the victim and classic case of one minute ‘We love you Kate’ to ‘Oh my God, what a loser’. Miss Moss is a style icon. She has been gracing our magazines, TV, catwalks, and media ever since the 90’s. We mustn’t forget as people of the industry what an influence Kate Moss has had and still has on fashion. It was unfortunate with what happened but it shows she’s a real person and is strong enough to sort herself out. She will be back and will be kicking up a new storm when we see her again. So watch this space!!!


                                           Highly Recommended.



‘Most Photographed’ exhibition at the National Gallery in Central London. This event was about unseen and personal photographs from the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, Greta Garbo, Audrey Hepburn, Gandhi, John F Kennedy, Muhammed Ali, Adolf Hitler, Queen Victoria, and James Dean. I truly enjoyed this event and found it very inspirational. But it will be coming to an end very soon, so hurry up and get yourselves down there. It’s a ticketed event, but is worth every penny.



Audrey Hepburn…Greta Garbo…



James Dean…


Muhammed Ali…



…and Marilyn Monroe.



Another new feature I am going to include in my diaries is the latest music releases which stand out for me. As you know fashion and music are always a good mix.


                                            Music of the Week.


1)      Franz Ferdinand – You Could Have It So Much Better

2)      Sugababes – Taller in More Ways

3)      Ms. Dynamite – Judgement Days.

4)      Sean Paul – The Trinity

5)      New Order – Singles




!!Hottest Labels of the Week!!


1)      Stella McCartney

2)      Versace

3)      Chloe

4)      Alexander Mcqueen


Stella McCartney ss06


Versace ss 06


Chloe ss 06


Alexnader McQueen ss 06




Stay tuned. Until next time. Xx.


By Munib Ur-Rehman of ‘Emure’ Womenswear.

www.emurefashion.com. rayemure@yahoo.co.uk. 

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