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Toronto Fashion Week, Part Deux




Ok so now I’ve seen it all: drag queens that put Rue Paul to shame, after 1 too many martinis – men doing the splits (major ouch!), celebrity name calling slam downs in front of peoples’ faces, even identity fraud!  I guess you can say I’ve entered the world of fashion?!




After an exhaustive week, 2 packs of Dayquil/Nightquil and approximately 20 cappuccinos, L’Oreal Fashion Week sadly came to an end.  I was glad to have moved up the ranks from fashion volunteer to fashion glitteri.  It was refreshing, and put an entire new spin on the weeks’ events.



Highlights from the Toronto shows…


Common Cloth

Whilst helping the volunteers downstairs, I observed the entire last minute organization of the Common Cloth show.  A rack filled with clothing, lost models, cramped space – given the time/space/odds, the sisters behind Common Cloth pulled off their show brilliantly.  Definitely a fashion week highlight, the Common Cloth display was not held on the runway, instead it was exhibited in a still tableaux.  2 child actors played with the tableaux dolls- rearranging the models Bermuda shorts, silk chiffon chemises, full skirts, and printed dresses.  Innovative concept, adorable clothing, a triumph.




Thank goodness for Andy.  One of Canada’s most prestigious designers, Andy pulled off yet another smash hit.  The Montreal designer stated in a news release that the collection “paid homage to Yves Saint Laurent, who rewrote the fashion of the era.”  He sent down girls wearing tuxedo dresses, sheer tops, and of course the iconic YSL safari jacket.  His spring palette included peach, sheer, white, gold, and other soft hues.




Arthur Mendoca

Influenced by a trip to Marrakech, Mendoca’s designs similarly paid tribute to YSL.  Bold turquoise, paisleys, and chiffon pieces paired with saucy silver stilettos gave illusion to a Bedouin jamboree set in modern day times.  Another Canadian gem, look to Liberty’s/Selfridges to commence stocking Mendoca’s designs in the near-to-distant future.




Other shows of note, that for the majority required a private function invitation included Pink Tartan, and Mackage.  I’m eagerly awaiting the Pink Tartan photos; Pink Tartan is a contemporary sportswear label offering feminine pieces with everyday use.


For the Canadian fashion journalist/celebrity (i.e. our very own Jeanne Beker from Fashion Television), Toronto Fashion Week marks the beginning of a cross-Canada talent search- with fashion events in Montreal and Vancouver, following suit.


Aviva Babins

Toronto Fashion Journalist


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