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Christmas Showcase comes to town at LPSB



It was fantastic to see the two couture outfits being worn at last nights drama event, Christmas Showcase, at Langley Park School for Boys. The outfits, in the highest quality black satin, looked stunning and were well received by the 300 plus attendees at the gala last night.


The Christmas showcase is a celebration of creative talent at LPSB with acts as diverse as a Russian recital, heavy rock bands, dance routines, solos and comedians. The atmosphere was electric and the support to all participants was unbelievable. A true school team spirit was generated. A perfect end for a Creative Design Project at LPSB.


On Monday the LFF and LPSB are visiting the Government Office for London to discuss the next step forwards for such a ground breaking educational project…just watch this space!



Jenny  Holloway

Industry Advisor

London Fashion Forum

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