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Profile 7 Designer Screening




Anticipation filled the air as designers dropped off their collections to the Profile 7 screening Monday.  It was like seeing mothers hesitantly waving goodbye to their young child.  The Profile event is tailored for new and emerging designers to get their hard work into the marketplace.  In many ways, a designer’s collection is much like a child.  They take a lot of time to develop but when they grow before the creator’s eyes, it’s surreal and oftentimes a scary place to be in.



A carefully selected cross section of the most promising designers were chosen on Monday for the catwalk February 12-13 at The Profile event at the Tobacco Dock.  Others were given highly coveted trade stands to display their work for potential buyers.   



Some collections had so much personality, they looked like they could rule the catwalk alone.  Evening gowns, sporty mesh designs and purely glamorous pieces loaded with sparkle lined the rails in the screening room.  No two collections could be confused, as each had it’s own life and mood.


The retailers were delighted with the originality of the designers’ collections. “There are huge opportunities for accessory designers as it’s such a key element for fashion now,” Liz Davies from Hobbs said Monday. 


Lucy Brown from Whistles came to scope out the talent of the womenswear collections.  She was impressed with the amount of detail some collections had and said the screening looked very promising. 




Below is a list of the companies chosen to exhibit at the Profile 7 event at the Tobacco Dock February 12 and 13.


Womenswear  – Bonbon Cadeau Ltd trading as Britta Boyer  and Butik   
Bowho – Catharina Eden Ltd – Clairey by Design – Cojac – Craven Gene/Craven Gene Limited – Elinor Franklin – FEMINI/DESIGNED LTD -Frocked de la Valliere Ltd – Haunt – Kalika’s Armour by Jatin Patel – Karen Barney – Kittens Couture – Melanka & Me – Mellisa Helyer Ltd – Mirelli Ltd  – Romeo Pires – Rufus  – Tanya Dove – Truly Sopel  – Two B  

Menswear – British Eccentric/Pattern Power Limited – Damien Gen – Emmy kathy Collins  – Field – Invisible Inc  – Isis Cashmere  – Mami London  -Stereotype – TSEEKO  – Two B  

Accessories – Cheet – CJ Poupazis – Heba Nouman  – Jewellery/Babaliciou – Jewellery – Kimchiuk – Natalia Rocchi  – Rebel Dogg  



The main purpose of the seasonal Profile show is to give new designers a place to showcase their talent.  Whether it’s entertainment, exposure or inspiration, the Profile  fashion show is preparing to please everyone with an interest in fashion.


It also opens up a venue of raw talent for buyers, so come one and come all!



-Amanda Conner

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