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Spring forward to Shoes By Becky Lyon







1. Pump-it-up Platforms


Shoe soles have super chunk and heels are sky-high- up to 17cm at Dolce & Gabbana! The bigger the better for spring/summer as wedges make a huge statement on every runway.







2. Focus on Heel’s


Flats lovers beware; the new season is all about heels. Whether spiky cones at Yves Saint Laurent or chunky stack heels at Gucci, these super-sexy styles are not for the faint hearted but are dangerously glamorous.




3. Wrap it up


Shoe straps take a trip from your feet as ribbons and ties form intricate wraps around ankles and calves. This trend was seen everywhere from Gucci to Stella and makes tying your shoe laces a whole lot more fun.





4. Coloured Satin


If dominatrix heels aren’t your cup of tea then you can always opt for Prada’s pretty feminine interpretation of spring footwear.  Coloured satin is a trend you can’t miss- from black court shoes to lilac and lime tie-ups; this is a fresh trend to take note of.






5. Cut-Outs


Louis Vuitton went all conceptual on us and created some fabulous architectural cut-out’s of super-sized wedges creating some of the most covetable styles of the season.




6. Décor-Deluxe


Own your own little piece of art next spring as footwear gets the ‘Changing Rooms’ treatment with the likes of mirror decorations and coloured fringe details.






7. Buckle Up


Buckles are the fastening of choice for strappy sandals and flats alike a la Gucci or Chloe. Forget the bondage aesthetic mind, this springs buckles offer more of a cute school-girl vibe.






8. Neon Animals


Trashy is a buzzword for spring/summer colour and print. Animal print remains a key trend so don’t be afraid to invest now. Neon colours from fluorescent pink and luminous yellow are brash and bright for the season and infiltrate fun footwear looks too.







9. Rounded Toes


Demi-couture brands like Alexander McQueen and Dior presented beautiful printed and embellished round-toed shoes making a refreshing alternative to strict and pointy winkle pickers.





By Becky Lyon







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