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I did it my way!




Without any formal fashion background Punky has managed an impossible dream getting Selfridges & Co as his first account for his premium denim label called “Invisible Inc”.  Having inherited a small clothing import company from his father dealing in the value end of the market Punky longed to go straight to the premium end.  It was a number of events that drove him to his goal as if a divine hand was guiding him. Invisible Inc was an idea back in 2002 and the Lotus flower, which is his name, translated from Sanskrit to English later became the inspiration behind the label.





Fusing the idea of ancient Indian thinking about Invisible energy centres and how they are represented by Lotus Flowers sparked the initial idea for the current collection. Punky did not want to compromise on quality and decided on using some of the best fabrics in the world, and this is what he did for the denim label. The collection uses 13.5 oz Japanese ring spun selvedge denim and incorporates the signature Lotus flower. Even the denim styles are named after Ayurvedic body types. The t-shirts are also made from the finest organic cotton and as well as its heritage, signature logo, Invisible Inc prides itself on the quality of its product.





All these factors have helped towards gaining the prestigious Selfridges account. Working closely with the head buyer who has been of great support, Invisible Inc is now sitting in Selfridges Oxford Street in the LA denim section alongside well-known labels such as True Religion, Rock and Republic, Earnest Sewn and Juicy Couture. With little denim heritage in the UK Invisible Inc aspires to capture the imagination of the consumer as it goes up against the denim giants and with the support of the British public the hope is once again be a case of David slaying Goliath…






The moral of this success story is that in the fashion industry there is a lot of competition and a huge amount of talented people. But if you truly believe in your designs and product and are persistent you will sooner or later get your break. One thing for sure you need to be patient and keep your spirits up, as they will often get knocked down, but the measure of any true designer is their ability to take these knocks and keep on going onwards and upwards…






Email: P.Verma@lotus-industries.co.uk



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