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(Street) Style Surfing by Becky Lyon






Fashionistas are joining online style communities and are readily displaying their personal style in the form of fashion blogs, MySpace images and the like. At the same time there is a rise in professional websites style scouring cultural capitals for inspiration and individual style from thecoolhunter.net to WGSN.








Usually under the umbrella of ‘street style’, these sites usually capture trends before they’ve hit the masses and are a vital source for designers, forecasters and buyers as they are often a strong indicator of the next big thing.



They range from sites like ‘Shoutfit’ where you upload a fashion blog, pictures of your clothes and comment on other’s outfits and sense of style to vox-pop coverage of the latest festival on WGSN.





{mosimage}So why are they so popular? People need inspiration in their search for individuality and you can’t always get this from mainstream websites such as Style.com; ‘fashion trends are global, personal style is unique’states shareyourlook.com. Tired of reports of what you ‘should be wearing’, consumers are taking fashion into their own hands retaliating with ‘well this is what I’m wearing!’ If you’re bored with old-news catwalk directions and high street picks then these sites are a must have gateway. No longer do you have to be alienated by looks you can’t afford…because you make them!



Watch this space – we will be adding more street style images to FashionCapital very soon.




By Becky Lyon





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