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The year started with catwalks and designers alike predicting the short shorts and 60’s mini’s to have us dancing till the dawn of winter wilderness. With an array of mini’s, smocks and tunics we were all ready to surrender our legs to the fearful exposure of light & sight of others! At first a daunting thought but soon to become the craze of the spring we all relished in the excitement of 60’s chic.



Amongst the thrill of ousting our Skinny’s & Ugg’s came the excitement of celebrity designs – all equally surrendering to the trends of dresses. We experienced the short and sweet creations by Miss Moss – a tendency for the young & slim it would seem, yet she dazzled the crowd in her 30-second appearance by flaunting a figure hugging floor sweeping red number. Whilst on the wilder side of town – rebel child Lilly Allen produced fluffy 50’s prom dresses to coincide with her ever noticeable dress & trainers combination fetish… something that hasn’t quite caught on with the rest of us! But nevertheless a promising influence over our need to be ladies this year.





Now… with the smell of summer in the air a new dress has struck our wardrobes – the Maxi, a classic design from the 70’s. With its pure hippy magic it’ll flatter every shape of woman. And the versatility of the design means you can share every occasion with your new best friend! The Maxi can accompany you to a wedding, a festival or even a random trip to your local. It beckons a laid back approach to fashion and favours a choice of flowing fun and beauty.



Yes it’s a certainty – dresses are everywhere this year and if these first 5 months are anything to go by I’m sure we’ve got variety and versatility a plenty to look forward to. After all there’s always room for another LBD or inspiring decade to cover. Maybe we could experience the dawn of Victorian gowns or maybe the future will provide a new take on fashion as we know it but for now it’s the classics we love & will constantly parade!




By Laura Louise Frampton





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