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Christa’s New York Diary: McCarren Park, Brooklyn, NY



The parties at the abandoned swimming pool have been going on for a couple of years now and proved to be the perfect location to unite indie rock fans and urban fashionistas. With bands like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and TV on the Radio that were both formed in Brooklyn, the music scene is thriving and the vibrant atmosphere is attracting the street stylish.

What do the hipsters wear to a festival then? Let’s take a closer look…


Brook, 29




The globetrotter, that has a weakness for wearing suspenders and playing dodgeball, has just recently moved from Paris to the city. Well, that moustache gives it away.



Anne, 26





This sassy girl wears one of the IT-styles of this summer: red sunglasses! Combined with a flower print dress and a matching bright bag this look totally rocks.



Graham, 25





What looks like neon colours clashing at a first glance is the modern interpretation of Nu Rave and yes it definitely works great for him.



Melissa, 23





The jumpsuit makes her look like a real cutie, but the artist is serious about exploring borders. Check out her exhibition at Texas Firehouse on August 25th.



Dennis, 28






This East Village guy isn’t only working in Williamsburg, Dennis is also travelling to Brooklyn every Sunday to see the live performances at McCarren Park.



And so should you if you’re spending the summer in New York. What’s better than live music, hanging out with a hip crowd and having a cold drink? Brooklyn is the place to be! Check out further information on www.thepoolparties.com.




By Christa Catharina Muller




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