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Designer Diary: Georgie W.Couture


Bom dia good people…



My name is Georgette, and I’m your new freelance writer at fashion capital, whoopee!!!! I am a fashion designer by profession and I am the head of design for my fashion label Georgie W. Couture. Some of you might have heard of my label but I’m sure most of you haven’t. For those of you who have not, that’s OK, you will very soon, hopefully not in Reveal. Now, I am not your average person, I always speak my mind and don’t care too much for political correctness but I’m not rude and do have tact. I say this, so you know what to expect in the articles to come that is of course if I get invited back to do another article.



So after that very enlightening introduction let’s get down to business. I hawk my clothing at Jacaranda Boutique in Battersea, London. Jacaranda has been around for a while, the shop just recently moved to their new Battersea location and opened again on June 1st 2007.








The boutique runs on a rent-a-space basis, where you pay a monthly fee and in return you get a space to showcase and sell your goods. There are about 20 different designers who sell in the shop and the range runs from lingerie, to leather goods to clothing. The one great feature apart from the amazing clothing is the floor. Yes the floor. Some genius decided it would be a nice idea to cover the entire floor with paper and not just any type of paper but with high fashion editorials, mainly from high fashion magazines. The result genius, they also make their own store bags from pages of high fashion magazines as well. I think they might have tapped into a new revolution, “trashy chic”, get it because they use trash…. ohh never mind.



Some of the designers in the store are namely, Perfectly Flawed who do this amazing range of custom fitted graphic t-shirts, Sasha Allen whose leather hand bag range is to die for and of course yours truly Georgie W. Couture whose stylish outfits will always keep you looking fly. (Wow! Great marketing).




Speaking of Georgie W, I just recently completed shooting the ad campaign for my Spring/Summer 08 collection. Below is a little preview.






This collection is quite different from what I usually make but it still has that Georgie element in it. It’s very grown up and has lots of vintage/retro elements. Also this time I have actually dipped a little into menswear and created two looks for men. It’s the very first time I have tried my hand at menswear and I was pleasantly surprised at the results. I’m planning the unveiling of the new collection at a fashion show at the end of September so watch this space…




P.S. I am up for nominations for the U.K Urban Designer Awards 2007. So please when you get the chance, visit www.uufa.co.uk and vote for Georgette Williams for Best Couture Designer 07.



Until next time,











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