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New Talents at Fashion Enter


From the brief set by TopShop, the students had to design and construct
a sample T-shirt that would be showcased at Top Shop in the heart of the famous
Oxford Circus branch and at Fashion Enter Boutique in Barking.


I was asked to give a presentation at Barking College about how the fashion design
process works as well as on fashion illustration the students gave their full
attention and this was evident during yesterday’s event. So, well done students
for being alert to what’s really happening in fashion at the moment. Fashion is
all about teamwork, and meeting tight deadlines and events such as this
encourage up-and-coming design talent to start mapping out possible career
paths for their future.


experimenting with fabrics and practicing translating ideas from sketches to 3-D
shapes they really brought creativity and inspiration to life in their chosen
t-shirt designs. I think it provides a fantastic opportunity to showcase their
work to a larger audience. I wish I had these opportunities when I had started
my fashion studies at the age of 16!


the T-shirts are amazing and full of inspiration and really bring the fun side
of fashion out for all to see and enjoy. This is what fashion can be about. Everyday,
wearable designs, T-shirts that have a broad appeal.



Thakkar, a designer from Mumbai in India is one of the talented designers who
took part in yesterdays launch event where Fashion Enter supports and
encourages talent from the Asian community. Thakkar says: “A fusion of creative
designs and vibrant colours comes with a mix of culture that is India. Inspirations
for my designs are the entire Indian culture as we have people with different
religions celebrating varied festivals which represent colour. My collection is a blend of several colours
that represent the culture of India.”



always says to me ‘I love multicoloured fabrics’. I understand where she is
coming from because to know what colour is one needs to connect to it. To find
expression through it. This was what I and everybody from the Asian community saw
and felt yesterday during the fashion show at Fashion Enter. Welcome to the
world of fashion where you will see things with a different eye – where
cultures and communities become fused with colour and design.

Ismail Erbil


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