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Catharina Eden Shimmers on the Red Carpet


have always had a very strong view on what a lady should wear to an important
red carpet event, and I was lucky enough to make my debut in the couture world
by dressing a very glamorous MP called Leena Harkimo in Finland for our
Independence Day Gala held at the Presidents Castle.

The journey of making this dress was an extremely enjoyable one and I couldn't
have hoped for a lovelier wearer. We originally met just to get to know each
other and to discuss what requirements she might have. Also, what colours and
shapes I thought would suit her and the event best. She then shortly after the
initial meeting decided on her favourite design and I began making the pattern
immediately and sewing started after the first fitting. It all went very
smoothly and the gown was ready two weeks before the actual event, which took
place on the 6th of December.


I was naturally very nervous anticipating her entrance on television and was
delighted when she made her appearance. She looked stunning! Very elegant,
feminine, understatedly glamorous and it suited her just perfectly. So I was
very pleased.

Hopefully I will have the pleasure of continuing to make couture gowns for many
events to come, since I enjoyed myself whole heartedly."







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