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Hot Off the Press Mayor’s Adviser Rosemary Emodi Resigns


Emodi denied that she had visited the £200-a-night resort La Campagne Tropicana
paid for by her hosts. In a statement released on 15 January the GLA said:
"Rosemary Emodi has never visited La Campagne Tropicana and neither has
any other representative of the GLA". However, when the BBC presented
evidence that she had indeed flown and stayed there last November her statement
was retracted and she promptly handed in her resignation.

websites reported that London reps were in the country to finalise a link with
Kamp Afrika, an educational retreat for young people. But the mayor’s office
said no approval had been given for the collaboration.



In the
fashion arena Emodi was responsible for K2C, Kulture 2 Couture, a fashion
platform for designers from Black and Caribbean sectors. While the former
London Fashion Forum and FashionCapital fully supports any initiative that
encourages and promotes new talent concerns were expressed over racial issues.
Was K2C – encouraging black communities to embrace the world of fashion, or was
the event causing unnecessary rifts in an industry where talent, not skin
colour, is the deciding factor?





put this question out there and a heated discussion ensued in the websites
forums. Emodi was less than pleased and strongly opposed such comments and
debate but with news on her recent resignation it will be interesting to see
how her predecessor handles this years K2C event and we sincerely hope that it
will open up to all.




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