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Sultans of Swing?


We've all bought into the old 'at these prices you can't afford not to' lie,
right? Well, maybe the risk factor here isn't just financial. Imagine, 32 days
of endless ‘shop 'til you drop’ opportunities amidst an oppressive and garish
'entertaining' atmosphere. Excited? Nervously exhausted just at the
thought of it more like!  And anyone who was blown away by the vivid
illumination of Robin Williams and Cuba Gooding Jnr's 'What Dreams May Come'
movie hasn't seen anything yet, no Sir-ee bob!  Shades darling, don't
forget your shades!  Oh, and your Valium, Kalms, Prozac and any other
tranqs, downers and numbers you can lay your hands on!





30 (really) sponsors support what must be one of the chaotic events ever
organised, an event that even hosts a 5th season, a season that's apparently
better than the 4 that the sane world we currently adhere to. Yes, this is
crazy in a big tall hat!  February 15th 1996 saw the launch of DSF. It
was heralded as the beginning of a new dawn, a most impressive
shopping/entertainment mega event, an entirely new concept showcasing
co-operation between private & public sectors. I think my favourite selling
point is this following statement about their 'Night Souk'. For me it just
sums up the mindset of these corporate crazies. Oh, and if this wasn't
enough, the word VISA (in a much larger font) can be found immediately below
this statement, just so you don't forget that you can also dig down deep into
unnecessary debt too, should the need arise. 

'A favourite with DSF crowds every year, the Night Souk comes alive late in the
night and provides shoppers the unique chance to bargain for the finest goods
till well-past midnight. Categorized as leisure shopping, Night Souk combines
an entertainment area and a food court with raffle draws and amazing shopping
offers for the perfect family outing'.


The perfect family outing – past midnight, in a prizewinning hope-building
whirlwind of bargain hunting and 'every man for himself' style competition against
other rattled shoppers. At least you and your screaming kids can grab a
bite to eat whilst you do battle! Leisure shopping. Doesn't Asda offer
that very same thing on any given Friday?  Oh the fun you can have in that
madhouse!  But just
what should we check out first?  What entertainment is offered exactly?

Well, the mayhem includes the House of
(a platform for gifted women to showcase their talents and skills
in anything from handicrafts and architecture to information technology and
perfume making). The Dubai Food
(a celebration of international cuisine with celebrity chefs, live
cooking counters, and culinary workshops). The Fringe Festival (celebrating various forms of arts including
theatre, comedy, visual arts, dance and music). The Art Avenue (for generic, innovative, and experimental
art). The Carpet Oasis (a
spectacular display of carpets, rugs, and handicrafts from around the
world). Word into Art (focuses
on the importance of script in modern art from the region) and there's the Krystal Dinner Show (five star cuisine
and world class entertainment with a cast of 20 International artistes). 


However, there's the more relevant Dubai
Fashion 2008
(bringing top notch international designer labels to Dubai and
showcase the latest collections to fashion enthusiasts in the emirate) and Creations (a platform for upcoming
local and regional fashion designers aiming to establish themselves in the
region) to check out. If you can manage to concentrate for long enough. Undoubtedly
a fantastic event set in a commercial war torn hell hole filled with delicious deviants
of many a persuasion. Did I just sell DSF or what?!  Find out more
here, if you dare! – http://www.mydsf.com




By Ant Standring






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