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From Fifth Avenue, New York to London’s Mayfair


say that the fashion show was great would be an understatement – Nolcha Fashion
Week was Fantastic!


the thriving success of Nolcha Fashion Week, New York 2007, Nolcha, who
supports and promotes International Fashion on the runway, was proud to take to
the stand and debut in London for this season, which coincided with London’s
Fashion Week period. The venue location for such an event was the opulent
Crystal Ballroom of the Mayfair Hotel in London, where the lights dazzled, the
cameras flashed and the action turned into magic!



11th February 2008 was definitely the date that everyone had been
waiting for, as a handful of six selected designers both internationally and UK
based, unveiled their collections to a professional audience of press, buyers
and industry figures from across the globe.




first designer to grace the Nolcha catwalk for the afternoon show was Le Nac, with a simple yet feminine
collection. The elegant line included delicate pieces of hand detailed frills
and shaping which were complimented by a range of trendy handmade hats,
produced by New York based designer Miss
Bo Dangles



design house DMG, followed suit with
a crisp collection of white coats, which referenced ethnically inspired
heritage from South America. The appearance of volume, chucky buttons and woven
textile detail were certainly enough to make their mark.




fine-artist turned fashion designer Laurance
, was the last designer of the afternoon show to take to the runway.
His collection saw the unity of art meeting fashion, with lots of colour,
bursting energy. Pieces included fine silk dressed with printed artwork
paintings onto the garments which were timelessly reminiscent of the Picasso




based designer Georgie W Couture,
was the first to kick-start the evening show – which went with a bang!
Sophisticated pieces from the ‘London Town’ collection were strutted down the
catwalk, featuring casual and evening outfits for both the metro-sexual male as
well as the elegantly chic female. High fashion elegance was key with sharp
tailoring, embroidery detail, soft silks and statement leather. Key hues
consisted of sunburnt oranges, overlaid with ashy greys and charcoal blacks.
Sensual purples and royal blues were also prominently highlighted by glistening
grey pieces.



showcasing a collection of eveningwear was Indonesian based designer Selphie Bong, whose pieces featured
strikingly large statement dresses with touches of metallic glamour. The pieces
possessed an aura of grandeur yet they were still wearable.



the catwalk show was Qipao By Jane
(China) with a beautiful collection of traditional Qipao dresses which were
re-modified and made into contemporary art forms through the use of stylish,
retro prints and more defined shapes.



the curtain call fell and the camera shutters closed, the show proved to be a
success with the name of each designer on everyone’s lips.



off the week were several events in the bustling city of London. The Nolcha
after-party at the Funky Buddha in Mayfair was definitely the prime hotspot for
exclusive activity around London, where anyone and everyone who was involved in
the Nolcha know-how this season was spotted. With groundbreaking atmosphere and
immense activity, the Nolcha experience certainly proved to be eventful, with
high expectations for the coming year.



Fashion Week London can be summed up in one word… and that is FANTASTIC!



this space for more on the FashionCapital sponsored Profile/Nolcha NYC
collaboration that will showcase UK designers over the pond this coming
September during NY Fashion Week.



Written by L. Julian.



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