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The Performing Artists over perform!


Today Fashion Capital went to Croydon College HE to commence a new styled workshop integrating business learning and enterprise into a group of highly talented ND in Performing Arts students along with course head Pippa Lucep.

There were 20 highly active students in total all brimming with some new and inspirational ideas for their T-shirt design for the forthcoming Croydon Festival The agenda for seminar is highlighted below and at the end of the seminar the “brands” had been confirmed as follows:-


          La Chevine
          Le Chevine
          Dots and Swirls




Getting it Right First Time (GIRFT) 
Croydon College – Performing Arts  Enterprise in learning. 
Date: 2nd June 2008 Agenda   

  • Introduction to project



  • Project Brief – Design a  T-Shirt


  • Moodboards

    • Fabric
    • Colour
    • Silhouette
    • Design
    • Marketing
    • Packaging
    • Labelling

  • Practical demonstration – what’s hot and what’s not!


    • Examples of what constitute a best seller.
    • Effective labelling and marketing

  • Team experience – group organisation five groups with four members each.

        Student presentations – concept of each brand, product overview and marketing plan   

  • Feedback and Review

   Date of next workshop – 9th June 2008


 Pippa commented “This is an excellent way to combine real business learning within the creative arts! Our students are very talented and they have enjoyed the seminar today and contributed well throughout the presentation. WE are all looking forward to the next stages and seeing the resulting t-shirts”    

Next week each brand will be presenting their mood boards and themes complete with marketing plans ready for the forthcoming factory visit.

Until next time.

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