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Little Black Dress Exhibition


FashionCapital was invited to review the creativity behind women's favourite LBD exhibiting from classic Chanel in 1926 to contemporary British designers. The LBD is possibly one of the most powerful fashion icons – a constant on the catwalk, red carpet and in many wardrobes all over the world. For over 90 years now the Little Black Dress has reigned supreme and today designers continue to reinvent the genre.


The Fashion and Textile Museum is a fantastic space and last night proved to be engaging and exciting for the masses of glamorous fashionistas getting their sneak preview of the exhibition set to open today for the general public. The museum, which is now owned and run by Newham College who took it over from its original curator Zandra Rhodes, has undergone a total reinvention including a cool, urban makeover.

Little black dress

The exhibition charts the development of the little black dress from the 1920's to present day. Supermodel Erin O'Conner officially opened the exhibition and looked absolutely stunning in a specially made dress for Erin by Zandra Rhodes.

When I travel I always pack a little black dress. It's like a blank canvas which can be dressed up or down, whatever the occasion. I think when you buy your first LBD, it's a sure sign that you've grown-up.'

erin o connor

The line up of dresses ranged from haute couture to the high street to the downright quirky. Highlights included Julian MacDonald's flowing creation worn by Victoria Beckham in That Extra Half Inch, Anouska Hemple's dramatic puff-ball, most recently modelled by Hilary Swank in Tatler, Artist Grayson Perry's Squirky by Vin & Omi black rubber dress and Osman Yousefzada's modern interpretation on the LBD worn by Thandie Newton.

Overall a truly sophisticated evening with a delighful array of little black dresses.

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