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Fit Models – Topshop needs you!


Topshop are currently holding fit model castings for size 10. 14 and 16 models. If you are any of these sizes and are between 5’4 and 5’6 in height then Topshop are looking for you.


How does it work?

All clothing and shoes sold in Topshop are fitted on a live to model to ensure that they fit correctly. Each department has their own time slot to fit their new products on the models. A fit room has a changing cubicle, a mirror and a desk with a computer where fit comments are typed.

Fit Session

Attending the fit session will be the Buyer, the Assistant Buyer , the BAA, Technologist, and a tech from the supplier. The Buyer will work with the tech to crate the style needed, and the tech will make sure that the garment fits. Fit comments are then dictated which the BAA will type and email straight to the supplier.


There are three stages to the sealing process in fits:

Ist Fit. This is when we see the sample for the fisrt time. Colour and cloth may not be correct. Styling will be changed, and fit improved.

Sealer. This is when the sample is almost perfect in styling and fit, and will be in the correct cloth base. Overall eveyone is happy with the garment and it is 'sealed'with a Topshop seal tag.

Production. This is a sample from the factory and should represent the finished garment in store. it will be labelled and kimballed. Once production is approved delivery can then be made.

Do you want to be a part of this process? If you fit the bill and fancy doing a days work for Topshop email: Topshop.Technical@Topshop.com

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