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New Designers Exhibition


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In the textile design category a wide variety of colours and shapes were used to produce outstanding & stunning patterns and designs. Janice Ackerley's work stood out in this category as the colours and materials used were blending yet still stood out. Netting, string and wire were used in the design and it is just amazing how such a small quantity of materials could produce such a tasteful design.

Janice Ackerley

Another category was Multi-media textile design & another designer that did not go unnoticed was Victoria Shepherd as she used very abstract shapes, which made a huge impact on the majority of onlookers. Her use of mirrors and shapes created incredibly symmetrical patterns and she has used a lot of hard materials, which shows she has thought about the stability of the design.

Victoria Shepeard

In the textile crafts category, another very noticeable designer was Jay Allen. She produced cotton materials sewn together with a variety of colour. Each part of the design involves different textures, e.g. ruffled, smooth, twirled and beaded textures. The design could also be looked at as very abstract. The materials used are also varied not just cotton was used, but also beads and buttons. Take a look for yourself at this stunning piece from Jay Allen…

Jay Allen

The last category that I noticed was the textile surface design. Many new designers had taken part in creating designs for this category, which was interesting because it showed that there were so many ideas for surface designs. Laura Modtofipour's design for the surface design was most eye-catching in the exhibition as it brought to life the different varieties of design's that were possible. The design was very symmetrical and a bold black background was used to make the colours on top of it stand out. The main focus of this design was thought to be flowers and the different shapes and colours they would be.

Laura Mostofipour

Overall, the exhibition was most definitely worth travelling to. The wide varieties of designs from these new designers really were outstanding and most recommendable. Every year, New Designers brings the design industry together, helping to launch the careers of 4,000 design graduates. Every year, over 17,000 visitors come to New Designers to spot the design stars of tomorrow.  If you are considering any sort of design career, it's vital that you are at New Designers.

group picture

By Shinade Sutherland

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