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The House of Victor & Rolf


Charting the careers of the divine duo this specially-commissioned installation presents all the signature pieces and key moments from 1992 to the present day.
 Over the past 15 years Viktor & Rolf have taken the fashion world by storm with their particular blend of cool irony and surreal beauty and this is the first time in the United Kingdom that an exhibition has been devoted to the highly influential fashion designers.

Victor and Rolf

The Barbican itself is a fantastic space for this wonderfully alluring and atmospheric exhibition. Nothing is left to the imagination with all angles laid bare and repetition in various degrees offering a theatrical element. 

The combination of serine beauty and dreamlike visions makes for an oddly sinister yet hypnotizing experience. Each installation tells a unique story and is more reminiscent of performance art than fashion design. 

Throughout garments are displayed on life-size porcelain dolls and video footage of Victor & Rolf fashion shows are juxtaposed behind the dolls. Also treated to surreal sounds such as Diana Ross’s Upside Down played in reverse and children chanting the names of the world’s supermodels, the overall effect truly is a sensory overload!

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