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Trend Report by Philippa Rabbitts



The current trend at the moment following into the next autumn is the chequered shirt, whether it be loose fitting and casual,  city sheek, everyone's wearing a chequered shirt.  This trend can easily be teamed up with any item of clothing from your wardrobe, from a pair of loose fitting jeans to a smart pair of linen trousers. You can find this pattern on almost anything from skirts, tops, shirts and dresses. The main inspiration for this look is the Wild West, Cowboys and Indians but moderised by adding puff sleeves and ruffles, also adding the pattern onto Baby Doll dreses and shirts.

Along side the chequered shirt there are also other trends that I feel are quite strong this summer, such as bold safari prints teamed up with chunky, oversized wooden jewellery. Very natural colours almost an earthy feel. The maxi dress is still I feel one of the key trends this summer and is also following though with the bold prints and African feel.  I think that this look is great when on holiday, it's really comfortable and natural.

Philippa Rabbitts

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