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ASOS Curve


In a society that appears to not be starved for choice at all, for some it can be more than it would ever appear.

This statement applies to a very wide scope of things and situations in life as a whole, however in this article I’m talking about style.

True style, you know the personal expressive kind and the fashionably fitting statement ways of the people of yesterday today and tomorrow.   Now before I go to the heart of my agenda today, I feel it necessary to remind everybody of a few basic, although somewhat effective facts.

What we wear can and often does say a great deal about who we are and how we’re feeling (about ourselves or just on a particular day).
Smart, daring, warm, bold, earthy, feminine, conservative, sexy, exotic, take your pick. Everybody has their own style and material essence, those who say they don’t just haven’t bonded with it yet.  

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