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3D Printing: The Future of Fashion?


3dhauteMost recently, Dita Von Teese unveiled the worlds first 3D printed dress, an avant garde dress adorned in over 13,000 Swarovski crystals, designed by Michael Schmidt and Frances Bitonti, inspired by the characteristics mathematical theorem.

Haute Couture and technology are also creating a buzz in the fashion scene, 3D printed dresses, calculated and created by computers are hitting the catwalk, as seen in the Van Herpen SS12, couture collection, in particular the Iris van Herpen‘s skeleton dress. Revolutionising fashion and manufacturing techniques, Van Herpen has even developed a new textile called TPU-92A using the technology.

Yet, as 3D printers are becoming more available to the mainstream, this opens up an array of possibilities for ordinary consumers, with the first make-up creating printer soon to be unveiled by Mink. The possibilities have some in the industry to be concerned that the increasing proliferation of such facilities could lead to problems with counterfeiting.

Indeed, brands have always faced what seems like a never-ending battle against fakery. Yet fashion is a fast-paced industry and as seen in the wake of illegal downloading and the subsequent decline of record sales, any industry will fail if it fails to adapt to change, something which is unlikely in the fashion industry considering its ever-changing nature.

Big brands like Nike have already started using the technology to offer its customers customisable options, allowing buyers to have a unique pair of trainers. As seen with the Dita Von Teese dress, 3D printing could solve the common problem of sizing, and it is surely only a matter of time before this catches on. Fashion is ever changing and this new wave of 3D printing appears to be the future. It would therefore be wise for the fashion industry as a whole to continue working with, rather than against 3D printing, because it is certainly here to stay – or so we hope!

photo © Giorgio Constantine – Bontonist




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