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British Trade Mission to Saudi Arabia



• Priority sectors – oil/gas/petrochemicals, construction, power and water, education/training, healthcare, IT/telecommunications, fire/safety/security, tourism/leisure.

• The Mission will visit Riyadh, Jedda and the Eastern Province

• The Middle East Association has more recent experience and expertise in organising Trade Missions to Saudi Arabia than any other sponsor and this Mission will be led by Lawrie Walker who, following 20 years diplomatic service, including 5 years as Consul-General in Jedda, was recent TPUK Export Promoter for Saudi Arabia.  He led the successful MEA Missions to Saudi Arabia in January and May 2004

• Additional benefits and support will be offered by the MEA (details listed in the prospectus)

• The travel grant of £600 will be paid by the BRITISH OFFSET OFFICE, who are helping UK Companies do business and form partnerships with Saudi companies

• Specially negotiated travel package including air travel, 9 nights accommodation on room & breakfast basis and group transfers

For further details please contact:
Mr Lawrie Walker, Middle East Association.  Tel 0207 839 2137.  Fax 0207 8396121
E-mail:  mail@the-mea.co.uk


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