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Ownit Creative London Intellectual Property Advice Service




Own It event template


Event title:


“Protecting your work in the fashion industry” – exactly what do you own?


Event date and time:

07.12.04, 5 – 7 pm.


Event  location:

Rootstein Hopkins Space, London College of Fashion, John Princes Street, London W1.


Number of places:


Outline of the event: (50 to 100 words)

(Please give a general sense of the issues addressed by the talk, why these are important and to whom, and how the talk will answer the issues.)

Fashion works on original ideas, influences, knock offs and copies, and fashion designers show their work in a variety of ways and to different clients including press, buyers, agents and manufacturers. This Own It event will discuss what you need to protect once you take your work beyond the cutting table and studio walls.


Speaker  name/job title/company/company website:

Please add any relevant profile info eg any books by the speaker, media appearances, particular expertise etc etc


Our expert speaker for this event  is Margaret Briffa of IP law firm Briffa (www.briffa.com)
Margaret and her firm have been involved in many key fashion  design law cases, and she is co-author of ‘Design Law’, Published by The Law Society in 2004.


Event sponsors or co-organisers:







Creative people require easy access intellectual property (IP) advice, information and knowledge so that they know how to protect and exploit their intellectual assets, develop and add commercial value to their businesses.


Creative people often don’t know what intellectual property is, how it can benefit their practice and where to get the correct and affordable information from. Added to the general ignorance of the subject is a fear of lawyers, costly lawsuits and anything deemed to be contentious – all of these issues often prevent creative people protecting and trading on what is legitimately theirs.


Own It, the Creative London Intellectual Property Advice Service, is a new service that offers free intellectual property advice, information and events for London’s creative people. It has a fast response system to ensure that any IP related questions are answered quickly and that the information is targeted and focused on the needs of the creative practitioner.


The Own It website offers a range of services, from news and FAQs to email newsletters, as well as workshops and free-of-charge consultations with intellectual property lawyers.


Own It (www.own-it.org) is a pilot project developed by Creative London (www.creativelondon.org.uk) in partnership with The London College of Communication, (www.lcc.arts.ac.uk), part of The university of the Arts london (www.arts.ac.uk)


Since Own It’s launch over 300 people have attended intellectual property events which have taken place at The Patent Office, The British Library, Nesta, colleges, design studios and Shoreditch pubs, and have covered IP subjects relating to photography, graphic design, product design, digital media, registration of design rights across Europe, patenting and patent searching.


The response to Own It has been incredibly positive and feedback comments include


“ Really informative and enjoyable, congratulations on a great event, excellent to see that this support is available”


“What a great opportunity”

“Can we have something like this in the North of England please!”

“Great discussion – have learnt so much”


Own It is working with the following partners in order to deliver specialist intellectual property support to the creative industries,



Association of Independent Music

Association of Photographers

British Music Rights

British Design Initiative

Briffa Intellectual Property Lawyers

British Library

Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys

CM (Community Music) www.cmonline.org.uk

ECCA – The Enterprise Centre for the Creative Arts

Ideas 21

London College of Communication

London Development Agency

Media Lex

MCPS – PRS Alliance

Music Publisher Association

Music Tank

Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Markets

Producers Association for Cinema and TV (PACT)

Patent Office

University of the Arts London

For more information please contact Marice Cumber 020 7514 7985, info@own-it.org



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