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Your Mentor – helping you up the ladder of success


That’s not to say that I have all the answers! but, generally speaking, as someone’s Mentor I have experienced, first-hand, the situation or work problem they are facing and so am able to give practical help and suggestions on what actions to take, what approaches have been most effective in my experience, and how to achieve a certain goal or complete a specific task. I encourage my mentees to take full advantage of my personal expertise and experience to develop their own knowledge-base as well as to develop the skills they need to achieve their own business success: knowledge transfer and up-skilling are key elements of my sessions.

As a Mentor I also act as a “sounding-board”, providing the opportunity for my mentees to bounce ideas around in a safe environment as well as giving them honest, non-judgmental and impartial feedback and advice. I must stress that all of our conversations and any information exchanged between us would be done so in complete confidence.

Mentoring can consist of two or three sessions to achieve a specific task: for example, one of my past mentees secured my services to help her develop a Product Launch and Marketing Plan. On another occasion I provided interview skills mentoring during a one-off session.  I also have two on-going mentoring assignments with people – I meet them once a month to discuss their current work situation and provide general advice and guidance on their businesses as they develop and grow.

So, if you feel you would benefit from some independent help and advice in developing your business, tackling a specific business-related task or simply want to discuss your plans for the future please get in touch – I would love to have the opportunity to become your trusted advisor and Mentor and to work with you as up move up the ladder of success!

In my next article I will explain how Coaching differs from Mentoring. I will also give you an outline of the way I would approach coaching you to reach your full potential and fulfil your personal dreams and aspirations.

Author: Adèle Cooke – Catalyst for Change, Business Doctor, Mentor & Coach

email: apcooke.claviger@btinternet.com mobile: 07789 467093

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