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ASOS.com Become Global


 ASOS Fashion Finder gives customers the opportunity to create virtual outfits and the images will then be linked to sites where the clothes can be purchased. This allows the customer to shop easier and across more platforms just from the one website. It will also benefit independent traders as the website creates an outlet for their ideas and creations to be presented to the public.



ASOS have recently created Market Place which acts as a portal for small boutiques to advertise and sell their clothing. Customers are introduced to new and upcoming designers and boutiques which offer the latest fashion fixes. Styles and designs are constantly being updated to keep up with the latest in the fashion democracy. With 40,000 products online across 850 brands and 1500 new products added each week, ASOS continue to create a stage to boast the latest trends for their fashionistas.

Market Place also offers an opportunity to recycle clothes. Wardrobe recycling allows customers to sell some of their unwanted clothing to fellow ASOS customers, furthering the level of fashion available on ASOS also known as ‘As Seen on Screen.’

These developments may have added to the success of ASOS as retail sales have risen 59% to £100 million in the past three months. Nick Robertson, chief executive of ASOS hopes to improve international sales by creating five new country specific websites. Already going global in the USA, Germany and France in October last year has meant international sales have risen by 156 per cent and another two countries have been added for the creation of a website. Overseas sales now account for around 40% of turnover compared to 28% in the last financial year.

The online retailer has now also introduced social sign-ups to the ASOS website for customers to log on and share their purchases with friends through Facebook and Twitter. It has created Europe’s first Facebook store allowing customers to purchase goods without leaving the social networking site.

Mr Robertson said: “Our customers spend a lot of time on Facebook and this will allow them to shop at ASOS without having to leave the site.”

Customers can now view products, ‘like’ them, comment and view what friends have purchased , and even track purchases without ever leaving ASOS Facebook page making it even easier and more effective for customers to enjoy the ASOS experience. Using their existing Asos log-ins, customers can check out the latest products. Around 1,300 new products will be shown each week.

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