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Object Abuse: an initiative by KK Outlet


Object Abuse: An initiative by KK Outlet

KK Outlet are creating the Object Abuse, a project whereby KK has asked a selection of designers, artists and stylists to transform everyday objects into something innovative. Using a little addition and a lot of brain power, objects have been transformed. For example, an umbrella is now a flat pack kite and plastic bottles now take the form of CDs etc….

Dutch fashion designer Antoine Peters created a knickers dress from underwear and other participants, namely Alexander, Lernert and Sander, Patternity, and Vogue Fabrics, have come up with similar gems.


Antoine Peters knicker dress

Image blogmoda.it

This exhibition presents recycling in ways we don’t see every day. It encourages people to take part using household items to show that you don’t always have to buy new products to have something new and helps save the world in the process! Taking place on the 25th of September, Object Abuse will be coinciding with London Design Festival and ICON Design Guide. All the objects will be available for purchase and the proceeds are to help the St. Monica Hackney primary school Art department.





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