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LFW – Corrie Nielsen


High collars were placed with dominant head wear, whilst the collection consisted of black, red and white, with a heavy tartan presence. There was even delightfully placed tartan prints painted on the side of each models face. Elegant Silhouettes were ruffled with a dark gothic appeal and no time was spared when it came to detail.


Each look had been put lovingly together and this was evident through the use of tulle and technically difficult designs.  At one point I had a flashback to a Vivienne Westwood store and the Elizabethan period. Then I landed back in my seat for the finishing piece – a heavily ruched coat (well I think it was a coat) something that made us all take a deep breath and pray our bedding was still at home.


Although the end piece was a shocker, Corrie mentioned to Fashot tv that there are scots in her family. This was a collection that really meant something personal to her as a designer. Overall I enjoyed the show and believe that her passion and patriotism helped her create the perfect gothic couture highland image.

Words Jennie May Thompson

Images Catwalking.com

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