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Government publish new amendments for rehabilitation period


Currently period of rehabilitations length depends from individual type and length of sentence. In fact job applicants have rights to not to say that they have been in criminal conviction to their prospective employers except if this job involves vulnerable adults and children – then its obligatory to mention about criminal conviction. New amendments intends that rehabilitation period starts when individual has completed his sentence. For example, if sentence intends imprisonment from 6 to 30 month then period of rehabilitation will be 4 years and it has to start when imprisonment has been served. But can’t forget about fact that period of rehabilitation and sentence together can’t be more that 6.5 years. These new amendments Government has tabled to the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Bill which organizes with Parliament.

Government publish information about employers which accepted illegal employees.

Recently The UK Border Agency came up with information about several enterprises and organizations which has gotten penalties for employ illegal employees. Soon The UK Border Agency will collect information and publish quarterly report about employers which has to pay a penalty, amount of illegal workers and also information about employers which hasn’t paid their penalty. Amount of penalty  for every illegal employee which employer has accepted is £10000.

Announcement about amendments which intends increasing period of qualification for unfair dismissal.

This announcement about period of qualification for unfair dismissal is draft form yet but after new amendments to get a rights for unfair dismissal employee will have to be continuous employed at least 2 years. Previous terms  intended 1 year for qualification period. These new amendments will not apply to workers which qualification period began before 6th April 2012 but the others which will begin on or after 6th April 2012 will have 2 years qualification period.

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