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Spring fashion tips for tall men


There are several specialist retailers like High and Mighty who deal exclusively in products for taller men, so make sure you’re shopping at the right places if you want the latest fashions in sizes that fit.


One of the most important things for tall guys to get right is to find trousers that fit exactly right – if they pass your ankle when sitting, they’re too long, and if they sit anywhere around the ankle when standing, they only draw attention to your height. It’s worth buying trousers that haven’t been hemmed and visiting a tailor to get a perfect fit: this goes a long way in finding a look that’s stylish and relaxed. Tall, slim guys should buy khakis in a flat front, while larger men should get them in a pleated design.


Although many tall men find that dark clothing suits them best, there’s no reason not to experiment with colour. If you have long legs, it’s best to keep the bottom of your outfit dark and use lighter colours on top – try a few combinations of shirts, blazers and ties to see what suits you best. Always make sure the material of your belt matches your shoes – this is particularly important for taller guys as it breaks up the lines of your body.
Finally, it’s a myth that taller men should stay away from vertical stripes – in fact, they can be very useful in balancing your body. Try a pinstriped shirt if you have long legs and a shorter torso, and vice versa. Essential items for your wardrobe include dark denim jeans, a dark cardigan, white dress shirt and sport coat or blazer – as long as you have the basics in a size that fits, you can build on them to create your own style.

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