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ASUS Pampering Evening – Combining Gorgeous Aesthetics with technology!


 Powder Room had also provided a team of lovely ladies in pink offering manicures and massages which could not be refused – neither could the canapes!

 Ranges displayed included the stunning ZenBook laptops with their stunning spun alluminium exterior. The laptop its self about as thick as a copy of Vogue, with a large screen and some how impossibly light, boasts great stats that still pale into insignificance next to the beauty of the machine.

The most ground breaking product displayed had to be the Pad Phone which kept us throroughly entertained throughout the evening. The new ASUS Pad Phone, similar in size and shape to the iPhone 3 but lighter and more stylish has the option to become a three-in-one. You can purchase a ‘dock’ for the phone. When you flip open the back of the ‘dock’ and plug in your phone it springs into life – the ‘dock’ is in fact a tablet – so you have your incredibly light phone that is connected to your stunning slim line tablet. The tablet its self is based on another product called the ‘Transformer Book’ – a tablet that connects to a keyboard simle to become a notebook.

This keyboard  feature combined with the phone/tablet in one features have created an amazing 3 in one product that is all connected, can be used independently and incredibly clever!

For a full range of gorgeous ASUS products including chic, spun metal laptops and juicy, pink notebooks go to www.ASUS.com


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