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New Designers 2012 Exhibition



Last night (27th June 2012) showcased a huge number of garment and textile designers from Universities across the country. We flashed our VIP tickets and jumped the queue to gain access to the huge Business Design Centre (where we will be hosting Profile this year!!). Inside was a sumptuous maze of talent, walls of stands draped in stunningly crafted fabrics and garments wrapped carefully around mannequins, interspersed with wackier product design – spined jackets, head pieces and structured clothing.


Emily Wainrwight and Hanah Miles

Textile trends were obvious throughout the exhibition with 3 main focuses:

Graphic Kaleidoscope
Computerised photos and images are manipulated, and duplicated to create amazing, mind bending prints that we have seen on the catwalk for the last few seasons.


UEL Textile Designers

Retro & Cutesy
Images placed sparsely and pulled from the childhood memory with pin stripes and rusty looking lines make up many of the cute girly prints.


Toni Louise Corrigan, C. Nolan, Sorrel Beach

Hand drawn sketches
Sketchy pencil and ink drawings replicated onto fabric as well as detailed hand drawings of flora and fauna have proved popular on the high street.



We dound the University of East London stand full of people and for good reason – the textiles displayed mixed digital work with cardfully hand drawn creations – the Lego wallpaper was a favourite as was the butterfly galaxy textiles!



Also displayed were a number of wallpaper designs, some crossing over into textiles. A sure favourite was Holly Kathryn Stevens of Six15amDesigns. Her robot themed wallpaper, set with LEDs as well as hand drawn wallpaper for little girls were absolutely stunning and her determination to fill the gap in the market for little boys decorating was obvious!



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The evening included an award ceremony. To view all of the awards and winners please click here.

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