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MoPowered Launch New Platform For Mobile Commerce


A recent survey carried out by One Poll on behalf of MoPowered found that a huge 84% of SME fashion retailers were not using mobile commerece but 89% of retailers wanted to as they think it is necessary for the growth of the retail industry. This, and paired with the addition of 4G networks on mobile devices in the not too distant future, shows that it is imperative retailers start thinking about m-commerce now.



Talking about the importance of integrating onto the channel Clare Rayner, independent retail expert says: “SME retailers need to take every opportunity possible to ensure that they continue to be part of our retail landscape both physically and virtually and these two platforms need to work hand-in-hand. When you look at consumer choice via mobile the landscape is dominated by enterprise level retailers. Shopping is becoming more and more about multi-channel accessibility and it is therefore essential that independent retailers embrace the opportunity offered by mobile commerce.”


The main reasons for not succumbing to mobile commerce include sites being slow and difficult to navigate, time, cost and lack of expertise. MoPowered’s new technology solves the issue of cost by allowing retailers to pay to pay to for it via a percentage of the transactions they receive through the mobile site, saving them a lot of upfront fees. The site is also easy to navigate and set up, with a timescale of completion in less than a month! Phillip McGriskin, chief product officer at WorldPay comments “By using a complete mCommerce package, such as MoPowered, retailers only need to engage with one supplier to get a complete mCommerce solution encompassing site creation through to secure, fully transactional mobile checkout. This makes integrating much easier, allowing retailers to capitalise on their mobile traffic in a matter of weeks rather than having to wait for months and incur considerable expense for a custom-developed solution.”

To give a bit of background, MoPowered has developed bespoke mobile commerce sites for large retailers including HMV and Waterstones. Based on this experience they have developed a Pay Per Performance (PPP) model especially for SME’s. Since launching this model MoPowered has seen a variety of SME retailers coming on board including hat makers, equestrian suppliers and cycling specialists. And on average these retailers are around 10 per cent of their business coming through the mobile channel.

Dominic Keen, chief executive of MoPowered, an mCommerce solution aimed at the smaller retail sector, says: “The retailers that we spoke to are right in thinking that mobile commerce is essential for their growth. We have created a mobile commerce platform to enable SME’s to quickly, easily and cost effectively integrate onto the channel. Research from Google shows that 15% of all online traffic is now coming through mobile. This means that not having a mobile optimised site is equivalent to shutting your online store for one day every week.”

This video shows the main study results and explains the MoPowered platform. It can be viewed here:


About MoPowered

MoPowered is part of The MoBank Group. The MoBank Group is a specialist in creating transactional systems on mobile, connecting retailers of all sizes with their consumers via mobile every day.

Experts in secure, industry leading mobile sites that are fully functional from search through to payment, The MoBank Group’s mCommerce platform MoPowered, supports merchants at every stage of m-site integration from site building, inventory cataloguing and marketing through to mobile checkout.

Dedicated to providing mCommerce for all, MoPowered represents a specialised, accessible and cost effective solution to help all retailers to take advantage of the growth opportunities offered by mCommerce.  MoPowered enables merchants to quickly and seamlessly integrate a mobile channel strategy.

Bridging the gap between the payments and mobile world, The MoBank Group is PCI-DSS compliant (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) and fully understands the checkout and payment chain. Its clients range from small bespoke retailers and seasoned British brands through to internationally recognised names such as HMV. MoBank works in partnership with leading payment companies such as WorldPay, Sagepay, Realex and Ogone and as part of the Google GetMo programme.

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