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launches Client


The re-launched label will be concentrating on rock ‘n’ and vintage woman’s uniforms, which Holmes regular performs in on stage.  “Over the past five years, I’ve become obsessed with uniforms and collect Eastern European post-war outfits from St Petersburg to Leipzig. The collection is based on traditional uniforms modernised for the 21st Century- a variation on the Eighties love of power dressing.”


Image from Vogue.co.uk

“I think people will look more and more to those great bands who managed to combine successful music with a great image,” With a musical background, it is no surprise that music plays a role in the collection, with a selection of t-shirts designed and now being worn by a host of celebrities. “I have always used rock and roll as my cornerstone, so it felt natural to have such people as the Libertines wearing my T-shirts,” said Holmes. “I found the female equivalents in Anna Friel and Pixie Geldof – Pixie is a great musician and a great model for Client.” Cities such as Glasgow and Berlin also pay a critical role in the collection.

Holmes adds “I want to expand the brand by adding more uniform designs, but also using more remade-in-Britain up-cycled clothes. I have just discovered a box of unused British requisitioned nurses outfits that are so beautifully made they could be worn today with little alteration.”

Client will be available very shortly from FashionCapital’s own FCB boutique online. Just click onto the Client e-boutique and you can happily browse through the amazing designs.


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