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Employment Tribunal Claims


321,800 complaints and legal decisions have been presented from the 186,300 claims. This shows that on average an incident has 1.73 jurisdictions per claim made. This indicates that more than one type of discrimination is being made at one time. 29% of these jurisdictions lodged were during working time regulations whereas 7% related to sex, race or a disability discrimination.

Other research show us that 60% of all cases out of the 186,300 were withdrawn or settled before going to hearing, and 12% of victims received a successful case at tribunal.

Also 1300 claims made last year were rejected by the tribunal, and only 230 were re-entered.

 Even with a majority of claimants being represented by a Trade Union, the payout for the successful seem to be at an all time high.

The maximum payout for a race discrimination case was a huge £4,445,023. While the average for a disability case was £22,183, and age discrimination at a high average of around £19000.

Last year statistics show that 92% of claims costs were paid out by the respondent.

 Unfortunately there was a slight rise on the amount of claims received by the EAT, however over half of these cases were rejected later on due to no strong evidence.

 (All statistics gathered by Employments Tribunals Service)

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