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The Best Colour For You


Colour is individual, natural, magnetic, influential, emotional, therapeutic and joyful and the emotions it stirs are a vital part of a woman’s beauty and charm. Everyone is different – hair, skin and even eye colour change constantly with the play of light and shade, and these nuances mean that every woman can possess a colour of her very own, one as personal as her signature. Women who understand colour look more interesting, more in control, more confident, more self-assured and ultimately more attractive. These women have more personality in their looks, because they have created their own colour signature.

‘The best colour in the whole world is the one looks good on you’ Coco Chanel

The choice of colours out there is enormous and can be not only confusing but also quite daunting. Why is it that sometimes the colour e.g. red looks great on you, then just ok and at other times doesn’t work at all? The answer is that every colour comes in different shades, tones and intensities. So, red is not just red – there is bright red, scarlet red, tomato red, blur red , clear reds, soft reds,  light reds, medium blues, dark reds etc. Once you know your dominant colour (which is based on your personal colouring) you’ll know which type of tones and shades of reds look best on you and which look just ok. These ones can be made to look better by combining them with other colours from the dominant colour palette. Also, note that colours will either lose or gain intensity with your choice of fabric. So a red linen can look lighter or softer, because it’s translucent, while a red corduroy might gain intensity because it’s a more heavily textured fabric. There’ll be other reds that you love but if they just don’t work on you, stop wearing them and integrate them into your life in another way – for example, use the colour in your home.


pic_1_cool Cool           pic_2_warmWarm

pic_3_light Light          pic_4_deep  Deep

pic_5_soft  Soft    pic_6_clear  Clear 


Each of these dominant colours has their own colour characteristics and their own set of rules. It’s important to follow these rules rather then taking the 6 dominant colour palettes literally.

Be aware that little changes in your hair such as highlights or lowlights in your hair will affect your dominant colour. This means a colour that may have looked great in the past, now doesn’t work so well because your hair colour has changed or skin matured. So, don’t try to force it and try something new instead – embrace change rather seeing it negatively. Also, bear in mind that your favourite colour is not automatically your best colour to wear. If there are colours that look great on you, but for one reason or another you don’t like the colour on you or at all, then just don’t wear it. As important as it is to wear the right colours, it’s also important to feel comfortable with the colour choice you are wearing.

Keep in mind that these dominant colours don’t encompass the whole range of colours you can wear. They shouldn’t be seen as restrictive, but rather, as a demonstration of how the same colour palette can vary in tones and shade when in a different dominant colour. These colour palettes should give you a starting point from which you can learn how to choose your colours, wear them and create new colour combinations that work with your personal colouring.

With this we hope that you can:


Find out how to wear the

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