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evian_6Polly has worked with the crème de la crème of fashion, including Chanel and Burberry and she was Donna Karan’s guest at this year’s Met Ball. Polly’s iconic designs are a must-have for fashionistas around the world. Polly’s re-workings are certain to be this season’s new cult pieces. Embracing evian®’s joie de vivre and playful personality, Polly’s designs perfectly epitomise the Live Young philosophy of the brand.


                             (King Kong Design)                            (Hairdryer Design)                          (Toenails Design)


Only 50 of the three designs pictured above will be produced so fashion insiders are expecting a stampede when they go on sale. The T-shirts will go on sale on eBay on Wednesday 21st November at £20 each, with all proceeds going to Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

Commenting on the collaboration, Polly said: ‘When evian® approached me to collaborate on the collection, I couldn’t say no; what better way to express my creative prowess to the world whilst raising money for such a wonderful cause? I always visit Colette in Paris to stock up on those cute baby tees, and I have longed for the chance to give them an extra little je ne sais quoi. The addition of my illustrations has undoubtedly turned them into the cult must-have of the season, perfect for all my fashion darlings! Now all of my fashion fans can embrace the vitality of youth and Live young through my tees, whilst helping a fabulous charity.’

Polly Modelling The Limited Edition Shirts




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