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How To Dress A Print Dress


Prints are a wonderful way to add character, individuality and colour to your outfit- no matter what the occasion or weather is. With the “Party and Christmas Season” ahead we all want to look our best. So, it is best to know what body shape you are, which proportion you might need to consider and what your dominant colour is before getting your favourite print dress. Don’t be side tracked falling in love with a beautiful design or colour- make sure it flatters firstly your body shape. Everything else is secondary!
The print dress fashion dates back to the 1940′s where women had to dress sensibility and practically but still wanted to look stylish. At the same time they had to juggle within a very tight budget, where one dress had to fit different occasions and as well had to be suitable all year around- no matter what the weather was.. Knowing this and going ourselves through recession it makes all sense why the print dress is back on fashion map and radar. Print dresses are ideal for dressing up and and down and add you a touch of vintage to your look,  but make sure you keep it current and fresh, so it won’t drain you or overpower you.
We illustrated a print dress on 7 body shapes. You can see for yourself where the unflattering shilouettes  are occurring, because the style or pattern doesn’t flatter the body shape and on which body shapes it works best.

If you want to see for yourself how the print dresses look on you by creating your very own avatar visit STYLEME:


Lace print dress put on 7 body shapes- you can see for yourself on which it looks best!
How to dress a print dress by Michaela Jedinak from Joy of Clothes, www.joyofclothes.com

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