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Made In Britain: It’s Not A Dream


From all this, it is now expected that by 2015 manufacturing clothing in the USA would be just a cheap as the manufacturing rates in China.


So what can we expect from this?

Trigon Diligence found that when producing high-end and one off pieces of clothing it is already cheaper to manufacture in the UK, rather then in the countries we usually manufacture goods in e.g. China, Bangladesh and India.

Testing on a £75 tailored mens shirt – after all expenses were taken into consideration. It worked out that manufacturing the shirt in Asia would cost retailers £29.42 compared to only £21.80 in the UK.

 The government is also backing UK manufacturing. They have pumped £140m into the industry so far.

‘Eastern Europe has some fantastic technical colleges in textiles and thats what we need more of here’

Dalia Simble – Head of sourcing and production at Roland Mouret – who makes 50/70% of their global production in the UK.

 When manufacturing goods in the UK, you don’t have to worry about large shipping fees or worrying about not meeting the deadline. When you manufacture in the UK, your just a phone call away.

Here at Fashion Enter, its clear to see that we are two years ahead of the game. We hare really stepping up the game for manufacturing in the UK. We have been keeping clothing manufacturing in the UK and manufacturing for big clothing brands including Topshop and Asos for over 4 years since our factory opened.

We are currently in the process of moving our factory location and doubling the size, this allows us to supply more jobs and really benefit the UK manufacturing industry.


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