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Sell At Hoxton Market


The Market dates back to 1687 and is full of valuable trend and design setting history.




Have you got fabrics or trimmings that you haven’t found an opportunity to sell? If so come along to sell at Hoxton Market this December.

We now have the opportunity to for you to take part under our market trader’s license and therefore this dramatically cuts the cost for you to get involved!

To celebrate the festive season that we all love, a scaled-up Hoxton street will be present the first four Saturdays in December so we can all celebrate the festive season together.

Fashion, craft and design are all main focuses of Hoxton Street Market. It is known as one of London’s oldest and most historic markets. Hackney Council are currently looking for new traders to join. As an incentive for people to come and join, piches will be offered at the more than reasonable rate of £15 plus £5 for the hire of a stall if you so need.

If you are planning on having a fashion based stall and are wishing to avoid these extra costs you do have the opportunity to join Fashion-Enters market scheme, in which you can benefit from a special all-in-one four-week package.

The event will be marketed by the council across the media channels and a special market carol service will take part at the market, which is a tradition that goes back hundreds of years.


The Hoxton Street Market Christmas Specials will be taking place on the 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd of December. Get in touch now if you are interesting by emailing Jenni@fashion-enter.com.

This is your chance to come along and join a long line of traders at a market that dates back to 1687.

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