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Comp Clothing


COMP clothing was set up in 2012, by Hugo Rut, a London University student. The name was chosen as a simple yet effective expression and abbreviation of the word competition. This word defined means the contest between individuals for prestige or recognition and COMP is slowly but surely getting the recognition it so deserves. The clothes, aimed at a young male market are unique, wearable, stylish and more than affordable. The brand has focussed on creating bold and colourful designs that help capture individuality.



The brand stocks, jumpers, hats, flat caps, t shirts, sweats and hoods and it seems although it is a new brand they are in high demand!



The brands logo is a “foam finger,” and this eye-catching, colourful sports item, is worn on one hand to show support for a particular team. The people wearing COMP clothing represent this logo.

It is incredible to see someone so young, having started up such a successful brand with such unique designs. Hugo has always had an eye for fashion and wowed everyone when he participated in a school fashion show in 2009 based on the theme of recycled clothing. The designs were different, and very unique. It was from then on that his rough sketches and designs turned into a reality.


Please everyone take a look on www.compclothing.com and see the new collection-it’s not something you want to miss out on!




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