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January Sales



-Firstly make a list on your phone of the garments that you really need and want. If you list on your phone you have no worry in forgetting your list, or losing your piece of paper, plus you can update it while walking around.

jansale1-Another list, this should be of all your favourite shops that you want to visit, making sure you put the one at that is most likely to get busy quickly at the top, as you don’t want it to sell out of the clothes you want. (This list will make sure you don’t get side tracked into the shops with big sale signs in the windows until you have completed your important list of shops.)

 -Don’t get things just for the sake, I mean that top is on sale for £7 but do you really have the bottoms to match with it?

 -If items are damaged e.g missing a button/makeup marked, yet the last one left, don’t be afraid to haggle with the shop assistants. They want to get rid of all stock in the sale, and if you point out the damage they are usually happy to give you some of a discount. The worst they can say is no! Plus a loose button only takes a matter of seconds to fix – Bargain!

 -Get shoes and bags first! Everyone usually rushes to the clothes, but you have a lot better chance of getting 10 tops in stock whereas, only 2 pairs of the same shoes in stock! Most can go up or down a size when buying clothes, shoes – Not so easy. Remember shoes first!

 -Searched the shop from top to bottom? Still go back in a few days, shops add new stock throughout the whole duration of the sale. So you never know those pair of jeans just may pop up in the sale next week!

-See if you can use that gift voucher you got for christmas when paying for your sale items, if theres a loop hole in saving money- use it!

-When shopping online, put everything you consider into your basket. ASOS saves your basket for 1 hour, at least you have time to go through the whole store and really decide if you still want those sale bits.


Best of luck in your January Sales Shopping!

Written By Zoe Barrow


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