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Terence Donovan


Donovan was amongst one of the greatest fashion photographers of his time. With his working class background and outlook on photography he was able to make a major name for himself in London’s Swinging 60′s.


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16 years on from his death, widowed wife Diane Donovan and former art director David Hillman published a book dedicated to his images. Two people who worked closely to Donovan, chose images which represented his life.

The book is made up of 176 images all in chronological order. Being the first time his photography has been put together via publication. Starting from the monochrome work produced in the 1960′s and 70′s, all the way to more colourful illustrations in 1980 and 90.

Its a great influence for many generations and no doubt it will be a good seller and a great read, with added text from historian Robin Muir and Vogue creative director Grace Coddington.

Copies went on sale 12 November 2012. Costing £60 and available at http://www.artbokspublishing.co.uk Get your copy now! 



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