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Deagu Fabric Preview Show in South Korea


The event was well organised and there were over 600 exhibitors. The show was excellent for sourcing polyester such as:

Satin back crepes
Surface interest
Yarn dyed two tone fabrics
Dobby weaves
And as many prints as the eye could see.
There were also some Japanese exhibitors too however Japanese cloth carries 13% extra duty whereas Korean cloth does not have duty applied.
There are minimums to all of the factories mainly 1000m for each colour and a minimum order quantity of 3000.  The fabric has to be paid for by Letter of Credit.
For our members do not be put off.  We have over 200 swatches coming into the Fashion Studio and we will be showing the swatches to our Factory clients such as  John Lewis, asos and Topshop.
Whilst there, I identified Colour, Trend, Fabric and Silhouette.

Fashion Enter will also be ordering our own cloth and we are happy for designers to piggy back on our orders!  Happy to help all we can.
If you would like to review the swatches please make an appointment via the Fashion Studio with Rebecca@fashion-enter.com

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