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Book Review: KYLIE Fashion




The princess of pop has worn some of the most iconic and recognisable outfits both on and off stage; creating a style-established name in the fashion world. Having worked with some of the most amazing photographers and designer including John Galliano, Jean-Paul Gaultier and Alexander McQueen, Kylie is known to have one of the most stylish wardrobes in the business.

What better way to celebrate her years in fashion than collaborating with Thames & Hudson to create a book in conjunction with her long term stylist William Baker. The book contains glossy images of Kylie’s most recognisable outfits and photo-shoots along with explanations about the choices made and how they became a part of fashion history.



Throughout the book you got a real insight to Kylie’s life from the very beginning of her career. From start to finish it contains a visually pleasing layout of perfected photographs and honest quotes from designers, Baker and Kylie herself.




The consistency of the book is brilliant, seeing Kylie in her simplest form, even doing her own make-up to some of the most elaborate hair and make-up along with witnessing more feather and sparkles on each page.

Having completed over ten world tours she has showcased some unforgettable designs. You are able to relate to her shoots and clothes with her short biographies which make the read all the more interesting.



With an array of stunning outfits by top designers and wise words from Miss Minogue this book has captured her life in a touching almost personal way. Whether a Kylie fan or a fan of fashion this book is the perfect combination to express how her life has changed along with the world of fashion.

Kylie Fashion is available at www.thamesandhudson.com RRP £28.00

Review by Shannon Lloyd

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