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Five Minutes with the MD of new concept launch CrystalCupsLingerie


bunmi-lowQ: Can you tell us a bit about how the CrystalCups Lingerie concept works?


Bunmi: The concept works by placing tumbled crystals in a specifically designed and discreet pocket at the Heart chakra area (cleavage) of the camisole. The Heart chakra is the fourth chakra it is often said that a balanced heart will bring all the other chakras into alignment along with it.


Chakras are like energy centres and when all seven are aligned and working well, the body comes into balance….hence the ‘Feel Good’ factor. Feeling great in gorgeous lingerie or day camisoles and the extra oomph with the crystals to enhance physical emotional and mental wellbeing is what CrystalCups is all about.


Q: How did you come up with the idea?


Bunmi: For many years I have placed crystals in my bra. I found they helped enormously when I felt stressed or tired. A crystal therapist advised me to do this. I also found many other women following the same practice who have also expressed the great benefits of this.


On a plane journey back from abroad, I bent over to pick up something from the aisle and the crystals fell out of my bra on to the floor, much to the passenger’s amusement. That’s when the idea sprang to mind.


Q: Who designs the range and what is the brands design ethos?


Bunmi: Maxine Wells is the wonderful lady designing the garments. I was immediately won over by Maxine as she also has a great love of crystals for wellbeing.

The brands design ethos is floaty and feminine but also empowering through the subtle energies of the crystals. A wonderful combination.

spring-optimism-email-mixQ: Do you wear crystals everyday and how have crystals helped you throughout your life?


Bunmi: I wear crystals most days. I now intuitively know what I need for the day.


Crystals have been a Godsend. They help me feel calmer and give me more energy. Great for my PMT or when I am feeling stressed or anxious or rundown, crystals work a treat.


Q: What would you say to those that are highly skeptical about the use of crystals?


Bunmi: With anything, be open- minded. Give it a whirl. There are only benefits and no side effects with crystals as they work with you, unlike conventional medicines. CrystalCups is a great product to start somewhere with the use crystals and their benefits.


Q: Who do you admire and why?


Bunmi: I admire all my gal pals who have followed their dreams and had the strength and courage and faith to go for it. With children, without children, single mums. All have been an absolute inspiration to me.


Q: How did you find setting up the business – highs and lows?


Bunmi: The best thing I did was to get a business advisor through the small business centre in Whitechapel. It was good to work through my business plan.


The highs are not only all the creative bits but also the challenges that you overcome. Taking small daily steps is important so that you don’t get fazed by it all.


The lows are the things that are out of my control but I am working on that.


cry-cups-pink-cami-set-lowQ: What would your inspirational motto be?


Bunmi: “I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.


Q: What next for the brand?


Bunmi: Crystalcups will be branching into more beautiful designs in the night/day wear range. Including lounge pants, and dressing gowns. Crystalcups yoga wear is also on the agenda.


Q: Where can potential customers come and check out the range?


Bunmi: Oo La La boutique is now stocking CrystalCups lingerie in Barnsley  www.oo-la-la.com


I highly recommend a visit to the Mind Body and Spirit festival – Earls Court 24-27th May.


I will be exhibiting at stall C23.


There you will get to see and feel the collection and there will be some special offers on too!



Thanks Bunmi

By JoJo Iles



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