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Review: The Great Gatsby



I wish I had done everything on earth with you’…..Daisy Buchanan

After a long awaited release (original date was 2012!) I bought my ticket to sit down and watch Baz Luhrmann latest re-working of the Scott Fitzgerald classic….

I decided on the 2D version as I think I might have had a migraine if I watched this in 3D, but oh boy was I in for a visual myriad of opulence that I have not seen in a long while since Moulin Rouge, but then again this is what Luhrmann does best.

Opening titles let you in to what you are going to see, long sweeping cameras, flashes of colour left right and centre, costumes I felt like I was looking at the folies bergere!



The Clothes…..

Catherine Martin & Miuccia Prada (who worked on Romeo + Juliet) went all out to create eye stopping, jewel clad 1920’s bright young things.

The flapper was born…. today we remember the 1920’s through the glamour of her appearance: bobbed hair, white skin, skirt shimming around her knees, lips painted scarlet and a cocktail/cigarette in one hand!

I love all things 1920 especially the hair and jewellery, it was great to see not a hair extension or fake tan in sight! This was a time of over indulgence when anything was possible (before the stock market crash 1929 and great depression that followed).

Led by Designer such as Coco Chanel, loose shift dresses, shorter skirts and even trouser came into vogue. For the first time in history the look was copied by women of all classes, as they were cheaper to produce as most were made in jersey, they also fitted many and without having to wear tight girdle underneath, the hair was also easier to copy and cut to the chin showing off the neck and check bones, lead by Louise Brooks.

gatsby_imagesCA4WCNL2          gatsby_imagesCA68IJVK

The Hair…..

By 1924, many women had adopted the new shorter cut in one of its variations – The square bob with fringe, parted in the middle. Or slicked back with gel, The ‘Dutch boy’ cut, immortalized by the film star Louise Brooks in the mid 1920’s, this look was based on toddler’s haircuts. Her mass of hair, cut in angles and straight lines, captured the essence of the 1920’s Art Deco look and was copied by thousands of women.


The Jewellery…

During the mid 1920’s sleeveless gowns and the vogue for African art triggered a fashion for ‘slave’ bracelets, often worn high up on the arm. Ankle chains and long strings of cultured pearls complemented the evening wear.

Tiffany have re-created the looks in the movie with Daisy literally dripping in pearls!, and with the release of the film they have also launched a 1920’s – inspired collection, including rings, necklaces and cufflinks for the Jay Gatsby in your life!

So if you want a visual treat, opulence and fantasy then as the Great Gatsby said: ‘go watch it old sport ‘. And enjoy!


Written by Paula Arkell – Waller M.A

Images courtesy of ‘The Great Gatsby’ promotional dept



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